Sarnea Solutions Inc. is a software development studio located in Vancouver, Canada.

Founded in 2011 by a team of professionals experienced in creating quality products from video games to interactive e-learning and presentation tools.

We value creativity, teamwork and collaboration and we believe that working together with the client is the best way to utilize the fascinating new technologies and bring them to live.

We are currently working in two main directions implementing our Augmented Reality technology - educational and advertisement.

Our educational software is targeting kids and will be very useful for kids from autistic spectrum disorder. Many researches have proven that working with computers is natural for these kids. It is visual and provide stimulation as well as motivation for them to learn and improve.

Augmented Reality Technology is a perfect tool for autistic kids. It provides easy feedback which help both with motivation and gaining more control over their bodies.

Our team is working close with a speech therapist specialized in working with kids from the autistic spectrum.

The second main direction we are working on is creating powerful marketing tools using Augmented Reality. You can check our videos for some demos.

Thank you for your interest.